Spectra International Limited (SIL) began conducting business in the Health Care sector through the MGPL system and eventually spread its wings onto the Medical Gases market by becoming the trade representative of the gases produced by SOL in the Government sector. Due to Spectra’s business strategy and its precedented dominance over the technical industry, SIL’s success in the Medical Health Care industry was inevitable.

During the time of implementation, SIL’s MGPL system became a pioneer project in the Government sector amongst the local companies. SIL also established its portfolio of providing Medical equipment solutions to the private and public hospitals across the country.

Medical Gas Pipeline & Equipment:

  • MGPL System
  • Medical Equipment
  • Medical & Industrial Gases Gases

Through consistent delivery and quality service, SIL has become a significant market shareholder in the Gas Pipeline solution domain.

The largest technical solution provider of Hospital Central Gas Pipeline System in the country.

Such exposure later on aided SIL to capture business opportunities in other segments such as the Medical Gas sector. SIL is also the trading representative of SOL’s manufactured gas products in the Government Segment.

Product & Services

SIL follows, HTM 2022 & HTM 002 Standard

We represent international brands that are world-renowned and have been in the industry for decades.

SIL expanded its portfolio to cater to the multifarious technical requirement of a hospital of any capacity.

Our sole objective is to represent the best possible solution and ensure quality service to the sensitive operation of a hospital.

SIL’s Product Portfolio:

SIL has a rich history of managing large projects for hospital systems in the Bangladesh.