Spectra International Limited (SIL), initiated its business venture in the year 1991 as an engineering company. Gradually SIL established it's own identity by creating its stronghold in the Health Care Division. Currently, SIL has been able to put an extensive mark in Health Care Sector, High-tech Technology Support to Defense Services, Energy & Gas Sector, and Specialized Turnkey Solution Provider of EPC Projects and others. SIL has gathered ample and exclusive experience in these sectors by working in collaboration with some world-renowned organizations in various sectors. In the healthcare sector, Spectra International Ltd. commands the market as the leader for its professionalism, care in maintenance supports, and proficient human resources.

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Years of Experience

Our Business Domains

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Medical & Industrial Gases, Pipeline & Equipment

Spectra International Limited (SIL) began conducting business in the Health Care sector through the MGPL system and eventually spread its wings onto the Medical Gases market by becoming the trade representative of the gases produced by SOL in the Government sector. Due to Spectra’s business strategy and its precedented dominance over the technical industry, SIL’s success in the Medical Health Care industry was inevitable.

  • MGPL System
  • Medical Equipment
  • Medical & Industrial Gase

SIL follows HTM 2022 & HTM 002 Standard.

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Turn-key Solution Provider

Spectra International Limited (SIL) is quintessentially an engineering and technology solution provider. Driven by the knack to contribute through technology at large scale and leveraging the strength developed over decades SIL soon became one of the pioneers in Natural Gas Compression Projects in Bangladesh.

Through our Special wing, we are constantly pursuing milestone projects and take up scopes as best fitted to our capabilities in the following segments:

  • Engineering Solution
  • Engineering Consulting
  • Construction
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Petroleum Transport Service

Water Transport Tanker is a merchant vessel designed to transport or store liquids or gases in bulk. SIL is new in this Sector. Most of the tankers have a capacity of 900 MT, except for M. T Alaverra. It has a capacity of 2,000 MT, which is the largest vessel owned by SIL.

  • Inland Oil Tankers for POL Logistics Services